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San Antonio
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Our clinic differs from others in that we offer all three modalities which comprise the Chinese Medicine paradigm, namely acupuncture, individualized herbal formulations, and bodywork, which in our case comprises Cupping, NAET, and Craniosacral Therapy.  In addition, we offer cosmetic services that are not normally offered at other acupuncture clinics.  We are located in San Antonio, Texas.  Our San Antonio location is located just north of Alamo Heights, one block south of 410 on Broadway and Citadell Plaza.
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acupuncture for lower back pain
Licensed Acupuncturist in the Austin, Pflugerville, and San Antonio area.  TReating facial rejuvenation, weight loss, chronic pain, stress, insomnia, and smoking cessation.
Moxibustion for Ankle Pain

We provide acupuncture treatments in the  San Antonio area.

Common ailments that we treat include stress, pain management, substance addiction, allergies, and weight loss.


Acupuncture Treatments
$79  initial treatment
$69  follow up treatments

Facial Rejuvenation Treatments
at least 5 treatments are recommended for best results
$85 per treatment

NAET Treatments
$79 for initial treatment
$69 for follow up treatments


$35 for 20 minutes of one on one time where we discuss your condition.  This does not include treatment.  We will discuss your issues and possible solutions to resolve your health problem.

Chinese Herbs
prices vary per patient
usually from $10 - $25 per week