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Naet Testimonials

Dr Patricia is amazing with her acupuncture and NAET treatments. She has helped my mom with her Lupus, fibromyalgia, allergies, skin cancer, depression and whatever else seems to bother her. With numerous health issues she sometimes stayed in bed and had a great deal of pain. However, since starting acupuncture the time she spends in bed has decreased dramatically. I would recommend giving this a try for any issues that you might have, its great for so many things.

San Antonio, TX
January 4, 2019

Dr Lew is a very kind, honest, and caring person. She has really helped me with my medical problem, and she does what she says she will do.

Mrs. Beatrice Roe
September 14, 2019

I really want to thank Dr. Patricia Lew for being able to relieve my mom’s pain almost immediately as I walked out her front door after the first treatment. She also recommended several supplements to reinforce the treatments. my mom is better than ever. Dr. Lew is getting her immune system in balance and it worked. My mom has been feeling a lot better with all the treatments and the herbs. She has a lot of energy and her mood is great. I am a believer of natural healing and I will bring my mom again when she comes back to San Antonio to continue her treatments. I highly recommend Dr. Patricia Lew, she is very professional and knowledgeable in her business.

September 14, 2018

A friend recommended NAET to my wife as a help for her cedar allergy.
I reluctantly agreed to let her give it a try. She chose her practitioner based on Patricia’s extensive training with Dr. Nambudripad. I quickly went from a skeptic to patient after seeing my wife’s relief from cedar and many other allergies.

Patricia has helped me get free from life-long sinus troubles. I rarely get the “sniffles” any more and she completely eliminated the sinus infections I used to get at least three times a year.

NAET really works and Patricia is as friendly and caring as she is qualified.

M. Claverie
February 13, 2018

Patricia treated our child for nystagmus (an eye condition) and we have been so impressed with her work! The nystagmus is almost completely gone and the doctors are amazed at the results! We are so grateful to Patricia for her incredible work, wisdom, intuition and extensive knowledge about health, nutrition and well-being.

We highly recommend her.


Like many people who are struggling with health issues, I am always trying new things to find the reason for my changes. A friend gave me Patricia Lew’s card, and I called for an appointment. She explained the process (muscle testing, and acupressure [or acupuncture]) to clear an allergy. During the first clearing I thought: I’ve done this before; way back in 1998, in Austin. So I knew NAET worked! I just didn’t know what it was called, and hadn’t heard of anyone since that year.

Besides my success from allergies of pollens, animals, and foods, there was one story I remember from Austin. A gal had an allergy to peanuts, and kept going back over and over for its clearing, which wouldn’t hold while everything else did. Come to find out, she bought a used car, and after something rolled under her seat, she found the peanuts; got them cleared in the one next treatment. So I was totally thrilled about finding Patricia.

I grew up washing airplane parts in gas, and playing in sludge pits after a well was worked on. My father was a spray pilot, dusting crops. So we were the first to get DDT to kill insects on cotton, or mosquitoes around houses. Not having natural fog, we played in these clouds… And I’ve been allergic to outdoor growing “things”, animals, and chemicals.

Most of us think and work toward a strong, healthy body for any age, and any circumstances in life, but we cannot maintain, even with enhanced effort, new doctors, and more money. I worked in doors and out, taking care of other people, and teaching them skills to earn an education or keep a job. My work hours were nine to fourteen hour days. On the college level, these turned into five day trips up to 24 hours of the day. I’ve camped out with bright sunny weather and 5 degree temps, and worked on contracts and manuals with 104 fever. So I know
I’ve stressed my body (physically, mentally, and emotionally).
Over the years I have added the medical specialists to my “regular” physicians list; but none can find any reason for the lack of resilience, to regain optimal health.
I, (We) now have Patricia Lew, who can test and treat our unique body disruptions. We can do anything for 25 hours, so get ready for life changing, energy enhancements, positive mind reinforcements, body corrections, mind lifting and refocusing on the new positives you create, peace and thanks within, as you create a new better you!
In a short time, I have cleared major food related allergens, plant and mold, bacteria, as well as minerals, and emotions. I am thrilled with my progress and will continue. Maintenance will come later.
To your best health, through Patricia Lew.

VAS, Ph.D.
My name is MOISES DE LEON I am a acupuncture patient of Patricia Lew. Around 2012, I started to lose control of my voluntary muscles of my body (face, mouth, eyes, eyelids, throat, hands, etc.) my life went to a zombie existent, with constant difficulties to breathe, to eat, no control on chewing or my tongue, horrendous and a very difficult life. Around 2012, I started to lose control of my voluntary muscles of my body (face, mouth, eyes, eyelids, throat, hands, etc.) my life went to a zombie existent, with constant difficulties to breathe, to eat, no control on chewing or my tongue, horrendous and a very difficult life. I was diagnose with Myasthenia Gravis and Bell Palsy, probably started much earlier then 2012, but the symptoms weren’t as severe; because, once in a while, I will notice my eye lids were low, headaches, will bite my tongue, lost stability, and I was trying to blame my shoes or the sidewalk, but they were small indications of my major problem. Things started to get out of control, due, to work related stress and emotional stress–like a roller-coaster ride; some days, I thought I was going to die suffocated, wasn’t able to breathe probably, choking with my own saliva and besides felt this heavy load all over my body, no strength to eat or breathe and couldn’t see normal, had double vision and it was deteriorating as time passed. I cried frequently and will pray to my creator Jehovah to let me rest with my parents, and when the time comes to live again, if he will call, I will answer his call, I just didn’t wanted to continue living this terrible life like a human zombie. My eye specialist doctor prescribed eye drops and a prism and recommended to go with a neurologist. My neurologist doctor prescribed an almost hand full of different pills (Presestomine, Mestinon, Predisone, etc.), terrible drugs, but it’s hard to adjust to this poison going through my body with mini help and benefits; also, an infusion center, it helps a little bit but it wears off within a week or a month and Myasthenia Gravis was still doing damages to my daily life. One day my wife said to me, I am going to visit an Acupuncture therapist I said, go ahead and tell me what happens, Patricia Lew. I started to receive the acupuncture treatments and until the second session I started to see changes, Patricia is not giving me any additional pills, only acupuncture treatments to stimulate the organs inside my body to react and clean themselves. I have seen a TREMENDUS change on my daily life. My eyelids don’t droop as often and I can read better with glasses of course, but without glasses my eyesight is clearer and is getting better. I can distinguish objects and persons better without glasses. I can walk better. I am losing the excessive weight I can eat better I can sleep better, My speech got better I can think and coordinate better I am a walking witness and sure to say any time, that this old Chinese medicine of acupuncture is beneficial to my body, I will continue my treatment sessions with Patricia Lew. Patricia, thank you, thank you, thank you, for helping my wife and myself on our struggle to gain control over our mess-up and incorrect ways of treating our bodies, learning to treat ourselves differently is hard but is fulfilling and beneficial. I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE other persons to take acupuncture treatments.
Moisés De Leon San Antonio

In a few NAET sessions that we had with Patricia Lew, my daughter had very good progress: better speech, less anxiety, better attention span and social skills.
A few years ago, with NAET and other interventions, my daughter advanced from not able to talk and stand many normal situations and people, to her start speaking, learning, and socializing.
I have been to several NAET practitioners, and Patricia stands out as very knowledgeable and skilled.


I have to say that I am so impressed with what N.A.E.T. has done for me and my family. We have been struck with autoimmune disorders with two of my children and myself. My son started his treatment for ulcerative colitis which he has been treated by Patricia for five months. His inflammation has gone from severe inflammation to normal. He will continue to do acupuncture because we have seen what N.A.E.T. has done and believe that my son can only continue to get better. I also had to change gastro doctors because we weren’t getting any positive results from the numerous treatments along with countless tests and lets not forget the financial expenses to treat this severe illness. What makes it so wonderful is that his new doctors are for anything that will make my son feel better and are intrigue with what acupuncture has done for my son. My son continues to go to his doctors to do the lab work and to check him periodically. With both acupuncture and medical treatment my son has a treatment plan that will help his overall well being. Our goal is for my son to stop all meds which we are on track. I also have a daughter that has recently been diagnosed with Lupus and again we have seen the improvements that N.A.E.T has done for her. For the past year I have seen my daughter with symptoms of fatigue, joint pain, and weight gain along with constantly feeling bloated and emotionally depressed. She started doing the treatments with Patricia about one month ago and she has so much energy, she is not complaining about feeling fatigue and bloated and she seems happier. As for me I had started doing N.A.E.T treatments for Rheumatoid arthritis but lately my symptoms for Meniere’s have been active. From time to time I get a lot of fluid in my ears and have motion sickness along with ringing in my ears and feeling a lot of pressure and heaviness on my left side of neck and ear and face bringing on so much discomfort which would prevent me from doing my daily activities. I went to my regular appointment with Patricia which she was treating me for insomnia and RA. I mentioned to her that my Meniere’s was active and was I feeling miserable for three weeks so I ask her if she could help me and she said yes. Since the treatment I have not felt any pressure on my ears I have so much energy and I am shocked that she was able to cure my symptoms with one treatment. She kept me from going to the doctor to get retested and I don’t have to get on any medications or go on a strict diet. My next family member doesn’t have a severe medical condition but she suffers from migraines. She just graduated from law school and is studying for the bar exam. She has to devote herself for two months and long hours of studying which currently she is studying 8 to 10 hours a day which is recommended in order to pass the bar. As her mom I wanted to help and ease her pain with her migraines so I asked Patricia if she could help her relief her migraines and maybe help her concentration and memory skills. Patricia said there was help to treat the headaches and to help her study habits. Well again Patricia was right. My daughter hasn’t had a migraine which is remarkable because when she was going to law school she would call me and express her frustration with headaches and being tired all the time. She needs one more month to study and it is getting harder and her hours of study have increase to 10-14 hours a day. She is handling it very well because she is at ease when she studies and she hasn’t had any migraines. I would like to thank Patricia for what she has done for my family.

My health was falling apart until I found Patricia Lew. Because of Crohn’s Disease, my body had spent 15 years being depleted of all nutrients and unable to absorb anything from food. The damage to my digestive system was obvious, but there were other systems breaking down and my depression just kept getting worse. I can tell you multiple NAET success stories with my stomach pain, depression, and my overall improved well-being. But, I will focus on my anemia which had reached another breaking point after several decades of my iron level being too low. My Gastroenterologist gave me high dose iron pills which didn’t do a thing, but stop my digestive system. Next, we were going to do transfusions, which had worked for brief periods in the past. I had a treatment for iron with Patricia, and it worked for three weeks. No tiredness at all. When the exhaustion started to come back, I went back to her, and she put iron and vitamin c together as a combo treatment. I haven’t felt a day of tiredness since. I went back in for more bloodwork and my GI doctor was so excited to tell me that all my iron levels were improving rapidly. I smiled knowing it wasn’t anything Western Medicine had done. NAET has been a true miracle for me.
Ally Fife

My name is Jennifer & started seeing Patricia several months ago. I have been a long time migraine sufferer. I had always just dealt with them with prescription medications. I then started also having terrible occipital headaches. After one of my worst ones, I decided to try something completely different. I found Patricia’s name and made the phone call! It was the best decision ever. She was able treat my headaches and I’ve been so happy.
I’ve also had her facial rejuvination treatments. I must say I’ve gotten many compliments on my complexion!
Patricia’s bedside manner is wonderful & she can always read my body & tell what’s ailing me.
Thank you so much Patricia!

You’re the best!
June 18, 2014
After seeing what NAET treatments did for my son, who has ulcerative colitis, I decided to try it too. I have RA along with balance issues and thyroid problems. Because these are autoimmune disorders, I am always very tired. I have had two treatments and I feel a big difference in my energy level. I can’t remember the last time I was busy all weekend. The past two weekends I have been out enjoying life with my family which is something that I haven’t done in a long time. I have also seen some decrease in joint pain. My intake of pain medicine has decreased. I use to take pain medicine daily and again, since the treatments began I have not been taking the pain medicine on a daily basis.
March 24, 2014
I can only convey in what I have witness in my 15 year old son’s experience with ulcerative colitis in the last seven months and up until a month when he started the NAET treatments.

He first was undergoing some extensive treatments starting with Remicade infusions, which did not work and now he is on Humira and Methotrexate. After two extensive hospitalizations in which he had three blood transfusions, he lost 30 pounds, contract a serious infection which required the heavy antibiotics, and he has still not been able to go into remission. The rectal bleeding comes and goes and he has never had a normal bowel movement nothing but diarrhea. Doctors have performed three colonoscopies in which there has been no signs that the inflammation has gown down; therefore, recommending that his entire colon be removed. I also went for a second opinion and they were astonished that current medicines weren’t working and amazed of his age battling this dreadful disease. But they concurred with the other doctors. At this point my family prayed endlessly and we researched about alternative treatments and asked friends and family if they knew any one that had ulcerative colitis that could bring us any new information on how to do to help my son. We had so many recommendations and tried different foods and remedies but nothing seemed to work. Our prayers continued and grew as we waited for a miracle. Until one of my daughter’s friend mentioned the work of Patricia Lew helping people with ulcerative colitis through acupuncture. I made contact with Patricia Lew and she immediately saw my son and started the NAET treatments within a week. After the first treatment, that same night my son’s character changed drastically. He felt relaxed and was finally able to sleep and his overall being was pure happiness. To hear my son laugh and you could just see it in his face that he felt good.

When I first talked to Patricia Lew I asked her what was her success rate in curing ulcerative colitis and she said very high. So I have the faith and believe that God led us to her through his messengers whom introduced us to Patricia Lew at the right time in our lives. I have autoimmune disorders and my youngest daughter has recently been diagnosed with lupus so we are definitely using Patricia Lew for acupuncture treatments.

Currently, my son is not going to the bathroom as much and his bowel movements are semi-forming which hasn’t happened since the day he got sick, his bleeding is at a very minimal amount, his stomach cramping has lessened, and he is slowly getting his appetite back. My son is not fully recovered but he is slowly improving with each treatment. He has only done 6 treatments and we are seeing huge results and can’t wait for the rest of the treatments to be completed. Our goal is to continue with the NAET treatments and when it is time to do the next set of lab work with the gastro doctors hopefully it will confirm that his inflammation has gone down and slowly they will wean him off the medicines and he will be in full remission without any surgery.

San Antonio,TX
February 2014
The first December after I moved into a condo I started having some mild sinus issues AND serious throat issues causing near constant coughing. So much so that I could not even drive safely. I went to MD’s and came back with prescriptions, but no relief. I missed Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas parties. Year two and three were as bad, if not worst. I felt doomed to have this recurring problem winter after winter. After several experiments, I determined there was possibly something allergic in the condo, and I might also be allergic to wheat or yeast.

In David Brownstein, M. D.’s newsletter he recommended N.A.E.T. as an excellent solution to allergies and many physical issues. In desperation I looked up N.A.E.T. on the web:

The Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique (N.A.E.T.) was developed by Devi Nambudripad M.D,, D.C.
Patricia Lew, L. Ac

The treatment was painless, relaxing, and ever so easy. After the first treatment I was not sure if it would have any effect, after all it was too easy. That evening however I felt as if I had been drugged. Patricia told me that I was detoxing and I would be fine by noon the next day (24 hours after the treatment). In fact that’s exactly what happened. I continued going for the basic treatments and found that I was feeling more alert.

This winter the allergies NEVER developed. I am now eating pasta and bread WITHOUT any side-effects and am still living in the same condo. I have not had a cold, nor the flu this winter. I am feeling 15 years younger. Who would have guessed!

As I understand it, my body was reacting to a number of allergies to food/vitamins/minerals None of them individually caused severe reactions but at a certain point my body could no longer cope and one more allergen and I would then have problems.

N.A.E.T. is painless, affordable, and is a permanent solution to my allergies. I am finished with my basic treatments. I may go back to Patricia for other issues but this is NOT an annual treatment.

N.A.E.T. is painless, affordable, and is a permanent solution to my allergies. I am finished with my basic treatments. I may go back to Patricia for other issues but this is NOT an annual treatment.


For those of you who live in San Antonio, I recommend Patricia Lew as a caring, attentive and knowledgeable practitioner.

If any of you have any allergy issues wouldn’t you want them to disappear for good? If you know people who do, please pass this on.
Austin, TX
Feb 15, 2014
I have had 3 NAET sessions so far and I have to admit after the first one I thought, is this for real? I did not want to be skeptical. I like to consider myself holistic and open minded. I will gladly say Patricia Lew is gifted. After my third session, my complexion has cleared up and my joint pain is gone. I still have a few more issues but I’m looking forward to being healed. I am just very impressed with my results. I definitely plan on STICKING with the ACUPUNCTURE.
December 3, 2013
I went to see Patricia to help with chronic fatigue, body and joint pain from having Lupus. Although, I was hopeful that this would work, I honestly didn’t have high expectations… only to be completely and honestly floored from the relief I have received.

It took me a while to write this and everytime I sat down to do so I just couldn’t finish. Finally, I asked myself ‘why?’. I realized that I was so used to other treatments failing or causing other issues to arise but, time went on and nothing… what I mean by ‘nothing’ is I didn’t get worse and even better…I stayed well! I feared saying “I feel good” for fear of ‘jinxing’ my streak of feeling well. My husband would always say “have you noticed that you haven’t mentioned that your legs and ankles dont hurt and you haven’t had your foot and leg spasms at night?” I would just nod. I was always tired and I was embarassed about feeling that way, this treatment has not only helped me physically but has helped me emotionally… because my body feels better, so does my mind. I recently celebrated my birthday and I was able to truly enjoy it, I didn’t have to worry about whether or not I was going to be too tired to enjoy it or if I was going to be in pain and not able to make plans. I think it has been one of my best Birthdays (I am still celebrating my life and healing).I really can’t thank Patricia enough for her patience, her compassion and sharing her knowledge (as I asked many questions). I am continuing to see her and look forward to growing stronger and healthier.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

October 10, 2013
Patricia Lew and NAET are wonderful. I have lost a total of 25 lbs over the last year. Try it…what have you got to lose? Weight!

Mary Winters
September 25, 2013
Patricia’s treatment for hotflashes is incredible! Works fast, lasts long, and is so easy! No expensive hormone saliva tests, no transdermal patches, lotions, or pills! This is the best treatment I have found for hotflashes & very cost effective! THIS WORKS!
Francin Reynaga
July 20, 2013
Just wanted to give you an update! This is the first morning in months that I wasn’t tired when I got up after a good night’s sleep! I had no wheat and no vegetable oil last night. And none today or tonight either. I have much more energy today and my backache was also gone this morning. I will see you on Saturday. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Francin Reynaga
July 20, 2013
As an only child, my 8 year old son wanted a dog more than anything in the world. However, our last experience owning a small dog when he was 4 only lasted less than a year because we discovered that he and I were both very allergic to dogs! Due to allergies and our health, we had to give the puppy away to a friend that would provide it a great home, but my son continued to dream of owning a dog. When I heard about NAET, I was very excited and hopeful that this would be the solution to our dog allergy. We chose the type of dog we wanted, picked it out, and brought hair and saliva samples to Patricia to use in our NAET treatment. We have now had the dog in our house for a week, and we have been allergy free!!! It is truly a blessing to have found this. It has not only allowed my son (as he puts it) to have his lifelong dream come true of owning a dog, but has helped us in so many other areas of our health!
Jena Pantuso
I used to eat sweets almost every day. I can’t remember when there was a time in my life that I didn’t. I had zero control of my cravings for sweets but after my treatment I can now be around sweets and I don’t need to have them. I can consciously make a decision whether I want to eat a sweet treat or not. I was amazed how quickly it worked.
Olivia Mares
After seeing my blood pressure creep up to alarming highs in the past few years I was very pleased to see it drop significantly after having Patricia treat me for a few visits. Treatments along with taking her advice to practice deep breathing techniques seemed to do the trick and help me avoid having to take any medication for it. Truly grateful!
Kathleen G
San Antonio
I’ve had issues with lightheadedness and balance. By the time the door opened for me to leave after my first visit to Patricia, I noticed the difference: no more issues. Lightheadedness vanished! Balance restored! And so it’s remained. I’m very grateful.
Terry Caesar
June 7, 2013
Since I’ve started sessions with Patricia, I’ve noticed several things change. Physically and emotionally, I feel stronger and healthier. My first cycle after getting treatment was less painful and normal in length. As a pleasant by product of getting treatment, I can handle stress much better. My anxiety has definitely lessened. Finding and working with Patricia has been a blessing.
June 6, 2013
I like to say that acupunture was something new for me, I have being sufering from stress pain, trying to lose weight, unbalance hormones, depression and anxiety, I went to see patricia as my last resort, and to my surprise, the first time I when in with lot of pain in my neck , shoulders, joints, I had so much pain in my heels that I couldnt be standing. And after the first session my pains were gone for good. I walked out of there very relaxed with no pain.

Patricia treated me for vitamin B blockage because I had no energy to do the normal things I do, and after the first treatment I feel much better more energy. she also treated me for my sugar cravings, and my hormones, and after my second session I feel really good. And what can I said about my weight: I already lost 4 pounds in only two visits!

I feel much better and I am looking foward to the next sessions because I know I can feel even better. I could not imagine acupunture and herbal medicine were going to help me this much! I HAD KNOWN THIS, WOULD HAVE DONE IT LONG TIME AGO !
Glenda Cruz
June 5, 2013
I knew I had some food allergies but was not sure of what kind of foods I was allergic to. I have suffered with chronic migraine headaches for as long as I can remember and I knew food allergy was causing the problem. Just didn’t know what to do or how to treat the problem. I was taking some medication but didn’t like it due to severe side effects. Then one day a friend recommended Patricia.

Patricia started treating me and I am amazed to see the results. She helped to pinpoint the foods I am allergic to and also treated me for my digestive problems. I feel a lot better and not having the migraine headaches with the frequency I had before is making life so much more interesting. Thanks Patricia for your dedication and professionalism!
May 8, 2013
My name is Rose and I’ve had chronic interstitial cystitis for almost 9 years. I have had different treatments for it including treatments from my urologist and surgery. I was at the point that I didn’t know what else to do. I was becoming more and more allergic to food, and I was in pain almost 24/7 the last few months.

I finally decided to do my last option, which was to see Patricia Lew a few months ago. I was in a lot of pain when I started seeing her.

Now I’m not in pain 24/7, I don’t really have flare-ups that often; I’ve literally been pain free a couple of weeks in a row, and that hasn’t happened in over a year. It feels so good, which is awesome.

I can say her treatments work really well for interstitial cystitis
Patricia is AMAZING! She has really helped me with mold/seasonal allergies. Before seeing her I would get sinusitis, bronchitis, etc. Now I am virtually cured. She is warm and caring and truly wants to help you. I have also seen her for weight issues. I have lost over 20 POUNDS since first being treated by her last year. I am continuing to see her and am looking forward to losing even more weight. The needles do not hurt…if anything treatment is very relaxing and soothing. Gentle music too, like for a massage. She is an excellent provider, and I would highly recommend her to anyone.
Lauren G. from
December 31, 2012
Dear Patricia….
I got told this evening, “You look a lot younger since you quit teaching.” I said, “Really? Do I? Must be lack of stress…When did you notice this?” Her: “I don’t know, but I mentioned to somebody, ‘She looks 10 years younger!'”

Of course, this is the 3rd or 4th time I’ve seen this woman since I stopped teaching more than 7 months ago – and now (since I began facial rejuvenation treatments with you) she feels compelled to tell me! Oh, and by the way, I didn’t have on any makeup except mascara. Now that’s what I call a testimonial!
C. Lyons
San Antonio
December 14, 2012
About a year and a half ago I became allergic to 30+ foods and was living off of only chicken and spinach because those were the only two foods my body could tolerate. After going to 15 specialists in the Austin area, no doctor could figure out why I had become allergic to food and what was causing it. After 10 months of eating only chicken and spinach for every meal, I was desperate to try ANYTHING!! As a last resort, a friend finally convinced me to try NAET.

Immediately after my first session with Patricia I was able to tolerate more foods. Over time I was able to eat dairy again as well as foods containing sugar. It is an absolute miracle! I’m still working on tolerating eggs and gluten, but after the tremendous improvement that no traditional western doctor could help me with, I am finally filled with hope. I HIGHLY recommend NAET with Patricia Lew.
November 3, 2012
Approximately 3 years ago I experienced an illness known as Bell’s palsy. My symptoms initially began with slight muscle twitching around the corner of my mouth which got progressively worse. Bell’s palsy is a sudden weakness of your facial muscles that causes half of your face to droop. As a result, I was unable to speak normally and could not close my affected eye when it was time to go to sleep. I was forced to eat my liquid meals using a straw. There is no known cure or scientific proof on the cause of Bell’s palsy. My family doctor attributes this disease as a stress related condition. I work full time and attend classes at a local univeristy during the evenings. Thank goodness Bell’s palsy is a temporary disease but was advised that recuperation is usually slow before your face is fully restored back to normal. To help with my recovery, my wife recommended I seek acupuncture therapy. After undergoing several acupuncture treatments, my doctor and I were both surprised how quickly my face returned back to normal. Since that first experience, I had regarded Bell’s palsy as a horrible past experience until approximately 1 month ago. One evening I started having muscle twitching around the corner of my mouth again. Similar symptoms as before with the onset of Bell’s palsy. This time I turned to Mrs. Patricia Lew for help expressing my immediate concern based on the familar symptoms. Mrs. Lew recommended I undergo a homeopathic treatment she uses on her patients. I saw dramatic results after my first treatment. My facial twitching and spasms disappeared after the second treatment. I can’t thank Mrs. Lew enough for helping me maintain this awful disease under control. Thank you kindly Mrs Lew.
San Antonio
October 23, 2012
In August of 2011 I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). The doctor told us that it wouldn’t be impossible for us to get pregnant but that it would be very difficult on our own and that we would need help. My husband and I decided to go ahead and see a fertility specialist to explore our options. After a year and half of trying to conceive on our own and with the help of a specialist we were still unsuccessful. My husband and I didn’t want to do IVF which at this point would be our next step. I had heard about acupuncture from a friend and it was also offered as an alternative/additional treatment at the Fertility Clinic. I wasn’t sure if it would work for us. After doing some research and seeing how acupuncture helped my friend get pregnant, I decided to give it a try. I was searching for an acupuncturist in my area and I found Patricia. I didn’t know much about acupuncture nor about NAET but I was optimistic and willing to try anything. My husband and I started seeing Patricia in June 2012. We started with one NAET treatment a week and to my surprise after the first two treatments I started my menstrual cycle. I had not had a cycle without the help of medication for over 10 years. So we continued to see Patricia once a week for the next couple of months and on August 24 2012 I found out I was pregnant. I am currently nine weeks pregnant and could not be happier. I am so thankful for Patricia, she has definitely changed my life. If I had known about NAET before, I would have gone to Patricia from the start. Not only did Patricia help our family grow but she has also made me a healthier person. I am very grateful for her help.
October 11, 2012
I have been seeing Patricia Lew for one month for weight loss. I lost 5 pounds the first week and since then have lost an additional 8 pounds. The best part is that I do not feel hungry. I am walking and exercising more and do not have any pain in my legs or hips. I want to lose 40 pounds total. Patricia set a goal of 6 months for me, but I feel that I will attain my weight loss goal much more quickly, thanks to the help I am receiving from Ms. Lew.
Kelly Gallant, CPFC, CEPF
Assistant Director, Guardianship & MMP Services
Catholic Charities
October 15, 2012
My left big toe knuckle had hurt for almost three years. It hurt to walk, wear heels, to push on it – you get the idea. I only found relief when I took naproxin every day, twice a day. I got some x-rays earlier this year to see if there was a reason for the pain, which there was none. My doctor just gave me that sympathetic smile when I asked him if there was something other than taking naproxin for the rest of my life to relieve the foot pain I experienced. There was nothing he could do. This wasn’t my only pain – as my right knee, left sacrum (from an Army injury), neck and back were frequently sore and alleviated through the naproxin – but it was the most pesky. I read an article about NAET and Autism. Impressed, I did a bit of research on it. It seemed logical that treating the root of the problem is better than just treating symptoms. So I found Patricia and made an appointment. She asked my body what it wanted and the first thing it said was Calcium. So she treated me for that on June 1st. I have not taken a single naproxin since then. My toe’s knuckle does not hurt to touch, wear heels, walk, or anything else. The rest of my boney pains have also ceased to bother me. No medications needed (that makes my stomach very happy).

Here’s another one: Patricia treated me for cortisol (this was my 5th session with Patricia) before I went to a conference. I was quite nervous about the conference and additionally nervous that I would blush myself into eternal shameful notoriety. You see, I sang at this conference in front of a large crowd – which I’ve never done before. I have always had an issue with blushing…my darned Scandinavian skin! Usually people are so impressed with the particular shade of my reddened face that they point it out – which just makes me blush more! Well, not this time. Though I was so nervous I almost fell down some stairs after walking off stage, my face was not a single shade of red (I watched the video of my performance later…I couldn’t believe I wasn’t the shade of a Red Delicious apple!).

I don’t really understand how or why NAET works. I’m just glad it does. I’ve shared this with my entire family, all my friends, and even strangers here and there. I am so impressed that this is, as I found when I was researching it, that this is a one treatment deal. You don’t need to go back in a few years for an upgrade or improved version of the treatment. Set your body right, NAET!
Christine Langenfeld
San Antonio
I had been suffering from some sort of urticaria (hives) for several years and had been unsuccessful at finding a cure through several dermatologists. I decided it was worth a shot trying NAET and have been extremely pleased at the results. Patricia was able to determine what food and environmental factors my body was reacting negatively to and helped treat me for these sensitivities. Through her treatments and her diet suggestions, I have experienced a significant improvement in my condition. Additionally, I have also managed to lose weight without altering my exercise regiment and managed to have my best allergy season (except for minor coughs, I have not been sick with allergies this year at all) since I can remember. I will, and have, recommended her to family and friends.
R. Martinez
June 13, 2012
I was hobbling around on old football knees and trying to get limber. Now I’m running again, and I’ve got my old golf swing back. Treatment works and it’s as easy as listening to music!
Bruce M.
May 7, 2012
After sending my son, who has multiple food sensitivities, to Patricia Lew, I decided I would try the NEAT therapy myself.

I’m a woman and massage therapist in my mid- 50’s and have been in practice for 26 years. Massage is a vocation that involves repetitive movement and I was experiencing back pain that was no longer responding to chiropractic, massage, exercise or yoga. I essentially hurt all the time and my sacral joint would not stabilize. This was a big problem for a massage therapist.

First NEAT session: Patricia asked me if I would like to work on the back pain by “clearing for Vit. C. We cleared for C. I began to feel that week that my back might be healing. Second session: Patricia re-tests me to see if I cleared for C. I had in body tissues, but not in brain tissues. She asks me if I’ve been experiencing any mental fogginess. I certainly had been and told her “yes”. She cleared brain tissues for C and also cleared for B vitamins which she also felt were contributors to that problem.

Since then I have not only felt a huge reduction in back pain, but I had been a ” bruiser” for years. All I had to do was brush up against something and I’d have a bruise that would last for a month before disappearing.
I have not one bruise on my legs. NOT ONE! A miracle!

But, just as wonderful as that, I feel my mind is my own again. It’s clear and on track again. It’s a gift. I had always been so focused and clear and I was unnerved to feel myself slipping. I, of course, blamed menopause.

I also had an eye exam yesterday. 3 years since the last one. My Optomologist told me after a retinal exam, that my eyes looked better than 3 years ago, after comparing the charts. I was thrilled to say the least.

Session 3 Today I was cleared for dust and mold which are my two top environmental allergens. I wanted to scratch my eyes out before the session. I haven’t blown my nose in nearly 3 hours since the session; no need to at all. And wonders! My eyes don’t itch!!!!!!!!!! I’ll continue with this therapy. It works and it works so quickly for me. It really is amazing.
Mary Reeves LMT
March 2012
My son had an ear infection that would not go away. It started January 1st, and he had ear pain off and on for a month and a half. He would finish his antibiotics and within a few days start hurting and it would still be infected. That is when I decided to seek alternative treatment. I took him to Dr. Lew, and she treated him for ear infection and calcium.

He has not complained of ear pain since.
He even got a really bad cold which usually always equals an ear infection, but not this time.
Thank you Dr. Lew for curing his ear infection. He is 2 years old.
March 21, 2011
I’ve been suffering from seasonal allergies for a few years now and when cedar fever hit this year, I decided to seek alternatives to allergy medication. I’ve never liked taking a lot of medicine, so I decided to give acupuncture a try.

I can happily report that Ms. Lew’s NAET work for allergies has helped me immensely. I haven’t taken allergy medication for two months now – even when the allergen counts were extremely high.

I highly recommend Alamo Heights Wellness if you’re suffering from seasonal allergies. In the winter of 2010 my allergies were the worst they had ever been and not one of the allergy meds I was taking at the time helped at all. I went to see Patricia Lew to clear my sinus issues, and she told me NAET could help with my allergies. After the terrible cedar season I went through, I decided to give it a try. After we cleared my mold and cedar allergies, I am very happy to report that I have not needed any of my allergy meds since I took the NAET treatments, and I didn’t have any allergy issues this cedar season (2011-2012) or with the allergen that caused me daily grief: mold spores.

I would like to thank Patricia for helping me clear my allergies and would highly recommend her treatments for anyone who is suffering with allergies.
Patricia really helped me with my sugar cravings. I used to eat one bite of something sweet and I wanted more and more and more until the whole thing was gone. I would think about it all the time and would pick sweets over real food any day. It has been about ten days since my sugar treatment and I ate part of a muffin today and left the rest. I don’t even have the desire to finish it. That is something that never would have happened before NAET. It really works. Thank you so much. I also had a serotonin treatment and b vitamins. My mood and energy level are much improved. Thanks to Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimation Technique and Patricia again. I can’t wait for my next treatment.
February 8, 2012
Hi Patricia,
I wanted to thank you for apparently helping me get through the cedar allergy season without getting sick. This hasn’t happened to me since I moved to San Antonio more than 30 years ago. Since the early 80s, I’ve suffered from seasonal cedar, grass and mold allergies and their side effects. Usually, what starts out as allergy symptoms turns into a sinus infection quickly. That hasn’t happened since you provided me with acupuncture to eliminate those allergies. As people at work are sick and suffering all around me, I’m very grateful that you provided me with a solution to my chronic allergy problems. It’s so far so good for me this allergy season.
Thank you again for helping me,
San Antonio
February 2, 2012
I had been seeing Ms. Lew for my gluten intollerance and seeing slow steady progress throughout, but it wasn’t clear how drastically my allergy had been reduced until I was invited to a business collegue’s house for dinner. They had forgotten that I was gluten intollerant and I didn’t want to make them feel bad so I decided to power through and suffer the consequences. I ate a meal of primarily pasta and bread, something which would have almost immediately and for some time after had dire consequences for me. I had ABSOLUTELY NO REACTIONS! I was amazed and kept waiting to start getting sick, but nothing. I know that it was because of the NAET, there is absolutely nothing else that it could be. I am so grateful to Ms. Lew for all her help and can’t wait to see what other allergies I can eliminate, I think I’m hooked!
Matthew Hanson
February 1, 2012
As a result of endometriosis I had to undergo an oophorectomy at the age of 28. At that age I had no idea the lasting effects that it would have on my body. Over the course of time, I gained 50 pounds and found it difficult to lose the weight. Prior to the surgery I was always skinny, I ate in moderation and never had the need for a diet. Since then my body started craving foods that I never desired before. Foods that were high in fat and sugar. In January 2012 a friend that had tremendous results recommend that I meet Patricia Lew who is an Acupuncturist. Ms. Lew examined me and found that I was highly allergic to sugar, and that sugar for me was like that of alcohol for an alcoholic. Ms. Lew treated me during my initial visit and you would not believe that I woke up the next morning and found out that I had lost 3 pounds. That is not all that happened…I suffered from restless leg and arms and as a by-product these symptoms disappear that very same night of my initial treatment. My body has since continued to slowly but steadily loose the weight. I lost 6lbs from Jan 4 – Jan 12th. I am really happy with my treatments and with the professional care and service that I have received from Ms. Lew.
Theresa S.
San Antonio
January 13, 2012
The end of September 2011, I traveled to south Texas to scuba dive a wreck of The Texas Clipper. The hour and one-half boat ride to the site was uneventful. However before finishing the first dive I knew I was suffering from motion sickness. The force of the sickness caused further complications and ultimately surgery was required. I began NAET treatment in November 2011 and asked if motion sickness could be taken from my body. On December 16, 2011 the treatment was administered in anticipation of a boat trip in February. However, I went on a trip after Christmas, and I was in a very small boat on two to three foot seas, more than enough to make me sick. I had no symptoms of motion sickness. I could look down, bend down and work to get my scuba gear prepared without any problem. It was a very enjoyable trip! No motion sickness!
Shelley M.
San Marcos, Texas
January 2, 2012
I would just like to thank Patricia for the wonderful job she has done to help me out with my digestive system problems. I had a very bad problem with gas, so bad that I thought I would lose my job because my co-workers were getting to the point where they could not stand it any longer. I was very uncomfortable at work for myself and my co-workers. I tried these expensive pills that the doctors suggested, but nothing was working.

I had just about given up when I saw on the internet a testimonial from someone else that had the same problem. She had tried acupuncture, and it worked, so I looked on-line for someone in my area and found Patricia, who has worked miracles for me.

I was not a believer in this. I am now. How it works, I have no idea. I just know it does, and I come out feeling great. My whole body, skin, and complication even look better. No more over the counter pills or prescriptions, just acupuncture. Thank you, Patricia.
M. Agosto
November 23, 2011
I went to see Patricia because I absolutely LOVE sugar. I needed something that would help me cut that craving. I have been on every diet that you could imagine and nothing has helped me avoid my love for sweets. I went to see Patricia and I did not know what to expect, but during my visit with her I just loved being there. It’s so relaxing and interesting how Chinese medicine works. After my treatment I had to avoid sugar for 24hrs and of course I had to test it out and after my 24hrs I reached for a cookie and surprisingly had no interest in finishing it, “It was too sweet”. I also went grocery shopping the next day and everytime I go grocery shopping I find myself going down the ice cream isle and OMG I passed it without even looking twice. Patricia’s treatment really works and she is just wonderful to be around. I can’t wait until my next appt 🙂
Christine N.
October 31, 3011

I had a big problem with sugar! So much in fact that I would call it an addiction. Sometimes I just had to have it. I would choose cake over real food for dinner any day. It was definitely something that needed to be addressed.

I tried these treatments because I felt that the issue was definitely something that needed to be dealt with in a different manner than what I had previously tried. After my treatment I did not immediately feel anything. I thought that there should be something that would let me know that I had been changed but there was nothing. And then after a couple of days, I realized that I had not had anything sweet. And then almost on purpose I went to buy some brownie mix (my favorite thing) and after reading all the different kinds I discovered something…..I did not want them. I wasn’t repulsed or anything, I just did not have a taste for them? This was not the norm in my life and I almost could not believe it. It has been 3 weeks since my last appointment, and I have had sweets since then, they did not fill me with the joy that they once did. Which makes them less attractive every time. Thanks Patricia, can’t wait for my next appointment to get another boost!!!
San Antonio
September 5, 2011