Back And Nerve Pain

My wife and son have seen great results over the years with Patricia. I finally decided to see for myself after having a compressed disk and sciatic nerve pain in my leg. Two visits is all I needed to feel 100% better with the acupuncture. 6 months later l am still feeling good. They key is to visit regularly until you feel better. Give it a try, you will be glad you went over!

Eddie G
San Antonio
14, 2019

Overall Health

I want to recommend Alamo Heights Wellness to you. The practitioner has an extraordinary aptitude for assessing a patient’s condition and choosing the appropriate treatment(s) to address their medical and/or emotional needs. They communicate well with the patients. They are perceptive and thorough and make patients feel comfortable and explains what they are doing at all times.

Having had some debilitating medical conditions over the past 25 years (neuromuscular, cancer, stroke and orthopedic), I know how challenging it can be to find a medical professional who treats the “whole person”. Alamo Heights Wellness has a unique talent for focusing on individual patients’ needs. The skills in the field of Holistic Medicine are remarkable, no matter how complex the problem(s) they find a way to address and reduce them.

I am now 71 and out of desperation decided to try a holistic approach to my health and, gratefully found Alamo Heights Wellness.  They provide treatments that are effective through several modalities which are helping restore my balance and provide a happier quality of life. I think you will be pleased as I have been because the staff here is truly a perceptive, motivated, and gentle experts in their chosen field.

Linda O. / San Antonio / 2020


I have been bringing my mom to the clinic for almost two years and she has always felt heard, respected, and relaxed in their space. Patricia has been providing her with steady treatment (herbs and acupuncture) for a number of health issues. Patricia always listens to my mom’s concerns and goes above and beyond in offering helpful suggestions and insight. I highly recommend the Alamo Heights Acupuncture, everybody is amazing!!

JT / San Antonio / 2019

Nerve Pain

This review will be a little long, but I want to give some detail as it might help someone else. Today (July 2019) I am a 56 year old man that after more than a year of having increasing nerve pain in my right arm I went to see Patricia Lew as a last resort in May of 2016. I was not able to sleep more than 30 minutes at a time, and the pain would wake me up. I could function without pain during the day, but every time I would lay down to sleep, the pain would come back. A side effect was my right hand was losing strength, and I couldn’t make a fist at that time. Also, I had numbness on the tips of my ring and middle finger. My Dr. prescribed a nerve pain medication along with an anti-inflammatory medication. He recommended Physical Therapy after a year of increased dosages and increasing pain. I was getting very desperate for sleep as bags started developing under my eyes. The PT assessment was thorough, and I started with massage and exercise sessions. The exercises I would do at home increased my pain substantially, and after a couple of weeks, I told my therapist that it’s not helping and is just increasing my pain. She told me that I might actually have carpel tunnel and they were also trying to eliminate the possibility of a shoulder or elbow problem as well. She said she understood why I decided to stop the PT and said that surgery might be my only option if I have carpel tunnel. My wife and an alternative medicine doctor suggested that I try acupuncture, and my wife set up an appointment for me with Dr. Lew. Keep in mind my desperation at this point, and while I do believe in natural medicine, I would say that I would not be a believer in acupuncture at that time. Shannon welcomed me at my appointment and made me feel very comfortable while waiting for my session. When Patricia Lew saw me, I explained what was happening and my experience at PT that didn’t help and she said “They can’t do what I can do” with complete confidence that she could help me over a few NAET and acupuncture sessions. I later told my wife that I thought she was pretty “cocky” for a person as young as she was, but I Had nothing to lose. Well, this is where the best part of my story begins for me. After that first session, I have not felt any nerve pain in more than a year now! I think of Dr. Lew as an angel that was sent to me when I didn’t know what else to do. I have never really thanked her, and I want to say THANK YOU with all my heart for what you were able to do for me, Dr Lew. She made a believer out of me, and I did six sessions total, and she was able to also help me with anxiety that I was having when trying to sleep because my sleep pattern was so messed up. I was able to quit all medications that same week. Today, I am sleeping well and still pain free. I just realized the other day that the numbness in my fingertips is now gone too. My wife went to see her recently due to pain from a running injury that hasn’t improved any over a few months. She said her pain level was an 8 when she went, and after three sessions, it was a 2 and still improving. No pain now after six sessions, and she is now starting to run again. If you are considering acupuncture, don’t wait as I did. Hopefully, you will also have positive results.

Glenn S
San Antonio tx

Patricia helped me SO much. I went in to see her because I was having horrible lower back pain. I’ve had it for years, but just a week ago something happened that put me in the worst pain of my life, and Patricia really listened to what my concerns were. The moment she started an NAET treatment on me, my pain went from a 9 to a 0. She helped me relax and to not overthink and worry so much so that my body could allow itself to heal. I’ve been looking forward to my next appointment ever since. I absolutely recommend seeing Patricia for any pain or illness you might be struggling with. She is amazing 🙂




Saturday was my first time ever trying alternative medicine. When I woke up the next day I glanced in the mirror and thought to myself “wow, my face looks younger.” Then I looked again and realized… my rosacea was gone!!! My face hasn’t been 100% clear in years! If this is a sample of what is to come, I can’t wait to see where I’m at after the next few treatments!

Thanks Patricia Lew!!
– Ginger H
San Antonio

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

In a few NAET sessions that we had with Patricia Lew, my daughter had very good progress: better speech, less anxiety, better attention span and social skills.
A few years ago, with NAET and other interventions, my daughter advanced from not able to talk and stand many normal situations and people, to her start speaking, learning, and socializing.
I have been to several NAET practitioners, and Patricia stands out as very knowledgeable and skilled.
San Antonio


My daughter has suffered from regular seizure episodes all her life. The MDs have done all they could and she still had episodes.
After having several treatments from Ms. Lew, my daughter was having more episodes and we were all confused. The MDs concluded that my daughter was over medicated and cut her medicine in half. The only explanation I have for being able to reduce my daughter’s medication is that NAET has improved her health.
Now, my daughter has more energy, she thinks more clearly and she tolerates much better the shorter seizures she has and they are much less often. Thank you Ms. Lew!
Truly Thanks,
San Antonio

Ulcerative Colitis

I can only convey in what I have witnessed in my 15 year old son’s experience with ulcerative colitis in the last seven months and up until a month ago when he started the NAET treatments.
He first was undergoing some extensive treatments starting with Remicade infusions which did not work and now he is on Humira and Methotrexate. After two extensive hospitalizations in which he had three blood transfusions, he lost 30 pounds, contracted a serious infection which required the heavy antibiotics, and he has still not been able to go into remission. The rectal bleeding comes and goes and he has never had a normal bowel movement, nothing but diarrehhea. Doctors have performed three colonoscopies in which there has been no signs that the inflammation has gown down; therefore, recommending that his entire colon be removed. I also went for a second opinion and they were astonished that current medicines weren’t working and amazed of his age battling this dreadful disease. But they concurred with the other doctors. At this point my family prayed endlessly and we researched about alternative treatments and asked friends and family if they knew any one that had ulcerative colitis that could bring us any new information on how to do to help my son.
We had so many recommendations and tried different foods and remedies but nothing seemed to work. Our prayers continued and grew as we waited for a miracle. Until one of my daughter’s friends mentioned the work of Patricia Lew, helping people with ulcerative colitis through acupuncture. I made contact with Patricia Lew and she immediately saw my son and started the NAET treatments within a week. After the first treatment, that same night my son’s character changed drastically. He felt relaxed and was finally able to sleep and his overall being was pure happiness. To hear my son laugh and you could just see it in his face that he felt good.
I have the faith and believe that God lead us to Patricia through his messengers whom introduced us to Patricia Lew at the right time in our lives. I have autoimmune disorders and my youngest daughter has recently been diagnosed with lupus so we are definitely using Patricia Lew for acupuncture treatments.
Currently, my son is not going to the bathroom as much and his bowel movements are semi-forming which hasn’t happened since the day he got sick, his bleeding is at a very minimal amount, his stomach cramping has lessened, and he is slowly getting his appetite back. My son is not fully recovered but he is slowly improving with each NAET treatment. He has only done 6 treatments and we are seeing huge results and can’t wait for the rest of the treatments to be completed. Our goal is to continue with the NAET treatments and when it is time to do the next set of lab work with the gastro doctors hopefully it will confirm that his inflammation has gone down and slowly they will wean him off the medicines and he will be in full remission without any surgery.


San Antonio,TX
February 2014


The first December after I moved into a condo I started having some mild sinus issues AND serious throat issues causing near constant coughing. So much so that I could not even drive safely. I went to MD’s and came back with prescriptions, but no relief. I missed Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas parties. Year two and three were as bad, if not worst. I felt doomed to have this recurring problem winter after winter.
After several experiments, I determined there was possibly something allergic in the condo, and I might also be allergic to wheat or yeast.
In David Brownstein, M. D.’s newsletter he recommended N.A.E.T. as an excellent solution to allergies and many physical issues. In desperation I looked up N.A.E.T.
The Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique (N.A.E.T.) was developed by Devi Nambudripad M.D,, D.C.
Was able to find a practitioner in Austin/San Antonio (appointments available in either city depending on day of week).
Patricia Lew, L. Ac
512 924-4674 or 210-900-2282
The treatment was painless, relaxing, and ever so easy. After the first treatment I was not sure if it would have any effect, after all it was too easy. That evening however I felt as if I had been drugged. Patricia told me that I was detoxing and I would be fine by noon the next day (24 hours after the treatment). In fact that’s exactly what happened. I continued going for the basic treatments and found that I was feeling more alert.
This winter the allergies NEVER developed. I am now eating pasta and bread WITHOUT any side-effects and am still living in the same condo. I have not had a cold, nor the flu this winter. I am feeling 15 years younger. Who would have guessed!
As I understand it, my body was reacting to a number of allergies to food/vitamins/minerals None of them individually caused severe reactions but at a certain point my body could no longer cope and one more allergen and I would then have problems.
N.A.E.T. is painless, affordable, and is a permanent solution to my allergies. I am finished with my basic treatments. I may go back to Patricia for other issues but this is NOT an annual treatment.
For those of you who live in Austin or San Antonio, I recommend Patricia Lew as a caring, attentive and knowledgeable practitioner.
If any of you have any allergy issues wouldn’t you want them to disappear for good? If you know people who do, please pass this on.
Austin, TX
Feb 15, 2014


My son was cut deeply by a piece of glass. He was seen in the ER then sent home with orders to pack the wound daily for a week and take heavy painkillers. The pain killers did not help with the pain. The next day, I took him to Ms. Lew for a NAET treatment. She treated his pain using me as a surrogate. That evening his pain was significantly less. The next day his pain was gone! We were all amazed. These treatments are definitely worth it.

Facial Rejuvenation

My story is simple. Mid 50′ with frowns, wrinkles & crows. What a difference facial rejuvenation has made me look & feel about myself without any surgeries. My eyes pop too! In fact, this year for my annual eye appointment, I was wondering if the doctor noticed he didn’t have to raise my eyelid much as he has done in the past. I did! And I love it! All my thanks is to Patricia! What a gift she has been blessed with. She is brilliant with a wonderful personality & practice. Don’t miss the opportunity she has to offer.


Headaches / Herniated Disks / Stomachaches

Since going for NAET treatments from Patricia Lew, I have much more energy and my regular headaches stopped. Also, the pain from my three bulged discs, which shot down my legs past both knees, has gone away. This is all such wonderful relief! So, I took my daughter who has been having terrible headaches and stomach aches. Those pains have been reduced by 75% with only two appointments! NAET has truly helped us to feel better!

Kristine Cox
San Antonio
December 18, 2013

Chronic Fatigue / Lupus

Since going for NAET treatments from Patricia Lew, I have much more energy and my regular headaches stopped. Also, the pain from my three bulged discs, which shot down my legs past both knees, has gone away. This is all such wonderful relief! So, I took my daughter who has been having terrible headaches and stomach aches. Those pains have been reduced by 75% with only two appointments! NAET has truly helped us to feel better!

Kristine Cox
San Antonio
December 18, 2013

Sugar Cravings

Patricia really helped me with my sugar cravings. I used to eat one bite of something sweet and I wanted more and more and more until the whole thing was gone. I would think about it all the time and would pick sweets over real food any day. It has been about ten days since my sugar treatment and I ate part of a muffin today and left the rest. I don’t even have the desire to finish it. That is something that never would have happened before NAET. It really works. Thank you so much. I also had a serotonin treatment and b vitamins. My mood and energy level are much improved. Thanks to Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimation Technique and Patricia again. I can’t wait for my next treatment.

February 8, 2012

High Blood Pressure

After seeing my blood pressure creep up to alarming highs in the past few years I was very pleased to see it drop significantly after having Patricia treat me for a few visits. Treatments along with taking her advice to practice deep breathing techniques seemed to do the trick and help me avoid having to take any medication for it. Truly grateful!

Kathleen G
San Antonio

Balance / Lightheadedness

I’ve had issues with lightheadedness and balance. By the time the door opened for me to leave after my first visit to Patricia, I noticed the difference: no more issues. Lightheadedness vanished! Balance restored! And so it’s remained. I’m very grateful.

Terry Caesar
June 7, 2013

Irregular Menstruation / Stress And Anxiety

Since I’ve started sessions with Patricia, I’ve noticed several things change. Physically and emotionally, I feel stronger and healthier. My first cycle after getting treatment was less painful and normal in length. As a pleasant by product of getting treatment, I can handle stress much better. My anxiety has definitely lessened. Finding and working with Patricia has been a blessing.

June 6, 2013


I like to say that acupunture was something new for me, I have being sufering from stress pain, trying to lose weight, unbalance hormones, depression and anxiety, I went to see patricia as my last resort, and to my surprise, the first time I when in with lot of pain in my neck , shoulders, joints, I had so much pain in my heels that I couldnt be standing. And after the first session my pains were gone for good. I walked out of there very relaxed with no pain.

Patricia treated me for vitamin B blockage because I had no energy to do the normal things I do, and after the first treatment I feel much better more energy. she also treated me for my sugar cravings, and my hormones, and after my second session I feel really good. And what can I said about my weight: I already lost 4 pounds in only two visits!

I feel much better and I am looking foward to the next sessions because I know I can feel even better. I could not imagine acupunture and herbal medicine were going to help me this much! I HAD KNOWN THIS, WOULD HAVE DONE IT LONG TIME AGO !

Glenda Cruz
June 5, 2013
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