According to an article by Time Magazine (2009-5-5) on a study on the effectiveness of acupuncture on chronic pain, acupuncture was found to relieve chronic back pain twice as effectively compared to individuals who used traditional care (over-the-counter medications, surgery). This finding is astonishing (with twice as many people healing from acupuncture) in that it clarifies that natural medicine is very powerful and effective (in some cases, more powerful than drugs).

It is not uncommon for patients to hop off of our treatment table at Austin Acu Services and declare that they are pain-free! (Click here to read testimonials)At Austin Acu Services, we differentiate the root of your condition, and treat the root cause, not just the symptoms.

This is why Traditional Chinese Medicine is powerful and effective.In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we utilize 2 modalities: mainly acupuncture and herbs. Acupuncture treats your condition from the outside in, while herbs treat the condition from the inside out. Using these 2 modalities, almost nothing can beat Traditional Chinese Medicine’s healing properties.

All of the needles that we use are single-use, sterile, disposable, filiform stainless steel. These needles are thinner than a human hair, and are virtually painless. They are NOT to be confused with your doctor’s hollow hypodermic needle, used to give injections, which can be quite painful.If you have chronic pain, perhaps it’s time to take a step towards health.

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You have nothing to lose except your pain.

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